This Boy is Bullied Because of his Spots. Then a Photographer Capture his Unique Beauty and Share on FBs

For how far we’ve come in society, I still find it deplorable that people believe red hair and freckles to be undesirable. I remember when I was a student at school that children that had freckles were labeled unclean or soulless — it made me sick.
Even today many people with red hair and freckles are made fun of, bullied, and treated as if they’re less beautiful than those who do not have freckles.
Brock Elbank is a well known photographer that is on one mission — capturing the beauty of freckles and sharing it with the world. Over the course of his project, Brock has sought out men, women, and children to create portraits that capture the unique beauty of freckles. It’s Brock’s sincere hope that with this project, people from all over the world will understand that freckles, an uncommon characteristic, should be celebrated, not feared.
What a wonderful thing Brock is doing! If you’d like to see some of Brock’s beautiful portraits, check out the video below.

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