Cop Catches Mom Stealing Diapers, Then Stuns Her With Act Of Kindness

Officer Mark Engravalle recently responded to a shoplifting complaint at a Walmart store in Roeland Park, KS. When he arrived, he found a mother and her six children, crying and distressed.
The mother, Sarah, broke into tears as she explained the truth behind her actions. She and her five daughters were homeless, and were living out of a car. That’s when the officer looked down and realized three of the children were not wearing shoes, their feet covered in dirt and soot.
When Officer Engravalle combed through the stolen items, what he found touched him to the core. Sarah, aided by her oldest daughter, had taken $300 worth of diapers, children’s shoes, baby wipes, and other items her children desperately needed.
That’s when Officer Engravalle did something incredible. He wrote Sarah a minor ticket for shoplifting — but then walked back into Walmart and paid her entire grocery bill using his own money. He didn’t even think twice.

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