Kids at School Make Fun of a Blind Girl. Then The Principal Hands her a Piece of Yellow Rope…

As we all know, bullying has become a problem. I believe that It’s hard to imagine that anyone would make fun of someone with a physical disability, but for many kids who are born different than most it is their everyday reality.
The kids at school haven’t been so kind to her about it, but Annaless handles it with the grace and wisdom of someone beyond her years. Kids at school call her “monster eyes,” but Annalee just tunes the noise out.
Students have underestimated Annalee, they’ve made up their minds about what she can and cannot do before they’ve seen her try. Annalee is determined to show them up. There’s a 800-meter track meet approaching. She can’t see the running track, but that’s not stopping her. With the help of her school principal, Annalee grabs onto a yellow rope as he guides her throughout the track.
Annalee was able to complete and finish the meet. There’s no telling what she’ll do next. If Annalee teaches us anything, it’s to never judge a book by its cover.

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