Cute Puppy was Very Sad at Shelter, Until she notice The Firefighter who Saved her from Abuse

Firefighter Mike Thawley came across a tiny little puppy tied up in the rain. Mike cleaned her up and brought her to Front Street Animal Shelter for some much-needed medical attention. The wonderful staff has begun treating her mange, and now she’s enjoying being dressed in a warm clothing to protect her skin.
Chunkie was so happy to be saved from neglect, but she had formed such a strong bond with Mike that she already missed him by the time he dropped her off at the shelter and then left.
But the following day, Mike returned to the shelter to visit his grateful new friend. The reunion is absolutely incredible. The puppy, named Chunkie, didn’t forget the kind man. When he came to meet her the next day, she showered him with love and kisses!

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