Adorable Actress Proves that Down Syndrome Is Exciting and Inspires Thousands

A seven-year-old girl with Down syndrome is breaking stereotypes around the world with her videos on social media. Jennifer Sanchez captured footage of her daughter, Sofia, talking about her disorder for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.
She tells her mom, and the rest of the world that will see this video, that she is smart, she can do anything she sets her mind to, and that she believes that Down syndrome makes life “exciting.”
If you have a supportive family, bright goals set for yourself, and a positive attitude, like Sofia does, I can’t see how it wouldn’t be exciting!
All including the fact that she wants to be a famous model and actress one day.
This little girl and her cheery video might be exactly what you need to brighten your day.
This video definitely helped me see the important things in life, happy and healthy is more of an accomplish than some may think!

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