Country Star Keith Urban Calls Girl Onstage and she Amazed him with Incredible Surprise Performance.

As Keith performed his concert, he looked out into the crowd and saw two young girls holding sparkly paper guitars in the audience. For whatever reason, he felt compelled to pull the young sisters up onstage. Those two girls turned out to be Hailey and her sister McKenna.

“What do you want to do?” Keith asked Hailey. “What’s the dream job in life?”
“Be a singer/songwriter.” says Hailey. Keith’s response made Hailey’s jaw drop: “Okay, let’s get a guitar.”

Keith quickly fetches a guitar, stool, and mic stand for the young teen– and even helps her tune! It’s absolutely adorable as Urban stands behind Hailey– giving her the full spotlight– when she starts to play.
Not only does Hailey play beautifully, but she sings an original song! The audience went absolutely wild.
Keith Urban, if more people were like you in this world, what a wonderful would this would be. What you did for this young lady and so many more around the world, is amazing. Thank you for being you.

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