Incredible, Talented Woman with No Arms Sings and Plays Piano in Emotional Performance

After Lorelai was born, her mother abandoned her when she saw that she had no arms. Then, when a social worker heard about her case, she was so touched that she adopted her herself. Lorelai didn’t speak until she was 3 years old. As you can imagine, growing up so visibly different from others can be tough on a child.
After she started to feel comfortable in her own skin, though, she started to learn how to do just about everything she possibly could with her feet. She now paints, uses a laptop, and even plays the piano with her toes.
When she first took the Romania’s Got Talent stage, the entire mood of the room changed. Folks, judges included, covered their mouths, almost as if they felt sorry for her. The joke was on them, though, because Lorelai is so strong and talented that she doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her.
Then she blew everyone watching live and on the Internet away!
Her voice, drenched in heartbreak and adversity, coupled with her obvious knack for the piano is something everyone should witness at least once in their lives.
This young woman has overcome so much and is making the absolute best out of what she was given. The judges see that and recognize her raw talent, and one even gives her the biggest Got Talent compliment possible: the golden buzzer.

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