Old, Blind and Deaf Elephant is Finally Rescued, Cries Real Tears when she is Free

Sook-Jai is a seventy-three-year-old elephant, and since she was young, she was used to trek tourists that were visiting the area. Beaten down through the years of hard labor, Sook-Jai was old and weak. Thanks to the Save Elephant Foundation, Sook-Jai was saved and moved to an elephant sanctuary where she could live freely.
Guided into the small metal cab of a big white truck by seven volunteers, Sook-Jai was fastened to her spot and the truck slowly took off transporting her to her freedom
Elephants are not only incredibly smart animals, but they are also quite expressive when it comes to their emotions. When the Save Elephant Foundation came around and rushed her into the truck, they could tell that she was visibly shaken and upset. During the ride over to the elephant sanctuary, the volunteers even noted how Sook-Jai was crying heavily. With tears pouring down her face, Sook-Jai would be in for a surprise when she arrived at her new home.
Poor elephant has lived a hard life, but thanks to the Save Elephant Foundation, she can finally live freely and enjoy the rest of her life without chains.

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