Soldier Mom Secretly writes to Ellen About her Husband who Raises 7 Kids Alone

In the video below, Ellen reads a letter that was sent to her by Michelle, who has something very important she wants to say about her husband. Ellen, of course, is more than happy to share with the millions of people who watch her show.
As a Captain in the US Army Reserves, Michelle Cherland has been deployed overseas several times. Back home in the states, she’s a beloved kindergarten teacher at Carrillo Ranch Elementary in California.
After going through a separation, Michelle began raising her three kids (two sons and a daughter) as a single mom.
One day, she met a correctional officer named Rod through their mutual friend. The pair hit it off and quickly fell in love. Rod also had kids from a previous relationship… four girls. He always wanted a son.
It was perfect. Rod and Michelle got married and combined their families. But shortly after the wedding, Michelle unexpectedly learned she was about to be deployed again in just 22 days.
Not only did Michelle have to accept the fact she was leaving her newly-formed family behind, but Rod was also faced with overseeing seven children all by himself, all at once.
Meet this remarkable family, and see what surprises are in store for all nine of them.

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