Four Vietnam Marines Reunite after 50 Years. But Look Closely at The Photo on The Right…

The idea of sending American boys thousands of miles away to fight against the spread of Communism was a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow, even patriots.
Over the years, nearly everyone realizes what a huge sacrifice these men made. More than 58,000 died in this jungle war, but for four proud Marines, they managed to make it out alive. Dennis Puleo, Tom Hanks, Bob DeVenezia, and Bob Falk were all friends before being separated by the war.
Fifty years ago, they all posed for a photo down in Florida, proudly standing next to their surfboard, and through a little bit of research and some detailed planning, they managed to get back together exactly 50 years later to pose at the exact same place in the exact same positions.
It’s hard to believe that the photo on the left is before the Vietnam War, and the time in between that photo and the one on the right a whole war, careers, marriages, children, and grandchildren have happened. These friends may have been apart for a while, but the experiences they share will never be separated.

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