Customers Ignore Teens Bullying Boy until Burger King gives them The Same Treatment

There is no doubt that bullying has become a serious problem. In fact, each year, 30 percent of school children worldwide are bullied. The folks at Burger King wanted to shine a light on the problem with a social experiment and the result is absolutely shocking.
In the three-minute video below, the fast food corporation parallels the reaction of customers when they witness a high school junior getting bullied compared to the iconic Burger King Whopper Jr. getting bullied. The clever advertisement highlights an important and real reaction of customers, making a bold statement about when people do, and don’t, speak up.
While the young boys are actors, the other customers are not and are unknowingly being recorded. The group specifically single-out one of the boys, bullying him by using harsh words and even dumping water on his food.
The tables were then turned when customers opened their burger that was ‘bullied’ into a pile a mash, and were quick to confront the manager and demand the reason behind it.
The results to the way customers’ responded to the ‘bullied’ food and the actual bullying are very telling.

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