Grieving dad tells Newborn to ‘Stay Strong’ while getting a First Shot

Any parent will tell you that when their child gets hurt, it hurts them worse. Watching your child go through any kind of pain – whether emotional or physical – is heartwrenching.
The video of Antwon Lee, 29, telling his first child to “stay strong” and consoling him, has gone super viral with more than 10 million views.
Antwon held Debias’ hand as the nurse came over to give him his shots. Predictably, the baby began to cry as he got stuck with the needles. Antwon bathed his face with kisses and continued to give him words of encouragement. It seemed as though he was trying to hold back his own tears in the moment.
While he didn’t expect to gain internet fame, Antwon said he is glad he did and hopes other fathers will see the video and be encouraged to be in their kids’ lives.

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