Cute Boy serenades Ellen with an Ed Sheeran Song, has no idea who is standing right behind him

Ed Sheeran has recently released his first new album in a while, and the world has been swooning over it. With hit singles like “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You,” it’s hard not to be a fan. However, we can all agree that there is no way any of us are bigger fans of the UK singer-songwriter than 8-year-old Kai.
If you’re a fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show there’s a pretty good chance you recognize this adorable kid. He’s appeared on the show before giving his best shot at covering pop hits by stars like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars.
We couldn’t help but laugh a little and say “awww” when Kai got so lost in his performance that he didn’t even realize Sheeran was there.
It’s not just Kai’s passionate singing that you’ll fall in love with. He is seriously the sweetest.
You have to watch this video all the way through because the cutest part comes when Kai finally does realize that the worldwide pop star he looks up to is standing right behind him. He’s adorably starstruck!
And of course, that wasn’t the only surprise Ellen had for Kai. After all, she is his first girlfriend and it was Valentine’s Day.

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