Doctors Told her that She Has Just Weeks to Live, Then Aggressive Cancer Miraculously Vanishes

Ashley Hallford was in her first trimester of pregnancy when she went to the doctor for what she thought was a swollen lymph node.
But over the course of several months, her medical team eventually realized it was a strange and aggressive cancer spreading rapidly in her body.
However, 32 weeks into Ashley’s pregnancy, her mysterious “infection” took a turn for the worse.
Her medical team realized that her strange lump was actually a symptom of a fast-moving cancer.
Unlike the pregnant mom who was able to go on chemo during her pregnancy, Ashley didn’t have that option. They waited just one week to give her baby a little extra time to develop, then induced labor.
Ashley was immediately put on an aggressive course of cancer treatment, but her oncologist believed she had just weeks to live.
That’s where Ashley’s story took a truly miraculous turn.
She credits her recovery in part to her doctors, but also to her faith in a higher power. Ashley wants to spread the word that, even in the darkest times, it is always worth holding out hope.

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