IHOP Server Feeds Disabled Woman, but has No Clue Another Customer is Filming

This woman has Huntington’s disease, a genetic disorder that causes a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Because of her condition, she cannot feed herself. So, husband sits across from her and lovingly feeds her while his own meal gets cold.
One day, a 43-year-old server named Joe Thomas noticed the man feeding his wife. Clad in his red IHOP uniform, he sat down next to the woman and shooed her husband’s hand away. He proceeded to cut up her food and feed it to her himself. He didn’t even offer to assist; he just started doing it.
“Sit down, eat your food,” he told the husband. “I got her.”
This became a weekly routine for Joe and the elderly couple. But what this incredible server didn’t know was that a customer at another table noticed him feeding the woman and dabbing the crumbs from her mouth.
The customer snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook for IHOP management to see.
Joe never expected his deed to go viral in the way that it did..

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