Drivers Speeding Down Road Hit The Brakes as they See Barrier, but Quickly Realize Nothing is There

Municipalities all over the world have been trying for decades to stop lead-footed drivers from zipping through their neighborhoods with reckless abandon. Traffic control signs and crosswalks are supposed to keep people safe, but sometimes not even a series of large speed bumps can keep a late-to-work driver from exceeding the speed limit. However, one city in Iceland has come up with a slick way to keep drivers from running wild on their streets, and it’s blurring the lines of reality. This tricky new crosswalk looks normal, but drivers see something totally different!
3D artwork is nothing new, but now it’s being used to promote traffic safety, rather than visual appeal. This clever optical illusion makes drivers think there’s an actual physical barrier in their path, which forces them to hit the brakes.
With this smart project, pedestrians can feel a little bit safer. What a brilliant idea!

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