Dude Films Moment when Mom Forgets Who He Is, but her Last Words are Heartbreaking

Joe began filming a weekly video series with his mom after she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia
“I made a commitment to my mother, caregivers and other people suffering from Dementia that we would make a difference and show the world the suffering that’s involved with this disease,” he writes. “I plan on taking this video series all the way to the end.”
In episode 6, he records his mother forgetting who he is for the first time and it’s heartbreaking, but the words she says at the end of the video is both touching and emotional.
However, Joe’s mom’s last words to him in the video are: “I love you so much. Don’t forget.” The moment reveals that although the cruel disease has taken away her memory of his name and her relationship to him, she still has her emotions and the feeling of love when she is with him.

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