Detective takes Immediate Action when he Discovers How 2 Foster Kids are Living

Detective Jack Mook met young boys Josh and Jesse where he volunteers at Steel City Boxing Gym, a place for underprivileged kids to come and learn about sports. It was alarming for him when two dedicated brothers didn’t show up for their typical boxing practice.
Whenever they came in for practice they enjoyed their time there, so when they just quit coming without giving any notice at all, Detective Mook knew there was a reason worth looking into. Knowing that they were foster kids, Detective Mook went to make sure they were alright, and when he found the older brother, he knew right away that things were not okay.
Detective Mook not only became a shoulder to cry on or someone to express their living situations, but so much more. When he found out that they were being abused and neglected in their current foster home he took matters into his own hands. It was about time for somebody to step up for these boys who weren’t being treated right. Detective Mook took the responsibility and joy of becoming their new foster dad and kept faithful at it for two full years. The three of them were all so happy.
After those couple years they were already like family. It only made sense for Detective Mook to make the decision to become their legal dad, but since it was such a big decision to make he thought it over carefully.

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