Army Dog waits Months to be with his Soldier Again. Then he Finally Sees his Face! Awesome!

For those in the military protecting us overseas, they rely on their company of troops to help keep each other safe. Some of those troops also happen to be fuzzy and walk on four legs. Sgt. Rocky worked side by side with his handler, SPC Andrew Brown, for the 89th Military Police Brigade in Afghanistan for two years before an bomb injured both of them.
After sniffing out one, they were unfortunately inflicted by a second nearby bomb. They each received a Purple Heart for their actions and were initially treated together in the same hospital.
Once their initial issues were stabilized, Brown was transferred to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., while Rocky headed to Dog Center Europe in Germany. They remained separated for three long months while receiving further treatments.
The buddies finally got a chance to see each other again when Rocky made the long trip to join Brown in Maryland.

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