Father Builds his Sick Daughter an Awesome Custom Wheelchair for $100.

Here is the very touching story of an amazing dad who wanted to make his little girl happy by making something for her, something that she needed truly.
Because when Evelyn Moore was just 4 months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The tiny toddler has gone through chemotherapy eight times.
Evelyn has been in remission for the last three months, but the toddler is paralyzed from the arms down due to a spinal tumor.
Evelyn’s dad, Brad, was worried for his little girl after seeing how expensive custom-made wheelchairs are. He couldn’t afford to spend a ton of money, but he also wanted her to be able to really get around.
After seeing a design on Pinterest, Brad told his wife, Kimberly, that he could make their daughter the wheelchair.
For $100, Evelyn’s dad was able to make the wheelchair with a cutting board, castor wheels, and a Bumbo chair! The Bumbo chair is a perfect touch for helping to keep their daughter comfy.
The wheelchair has given Evelyn mobility that her doctors and family hadn’t expected. Her Pediatric Oncologist Bev Wilson told Yahoo, “She gets to explore what she’d want to explore. She’s like any other child, but she’s actually faster.”
God bless this little Angel and her father.

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