Dude Walks Up to this Single Homeless Father. Then Within Seconds Brings Him to Tears

James and his toddler son had moved from New York to Denver just two days before, all for a better life. Prior to leaving, James had lined up housing arrangements, but unfortunately they had fallen through. Now, the pair were homeless on the street. Although they were in a difficult situation, the single-father keeps a positive attitude all for the sake of his son – and also with the belief of a higher power.
After Leon listens to James’s story, he tells him that he wants to thank him for sharing his pain. And the way he is going to do so…is by giving him $1000. James, who is holding his toddler, hugs the traveler as he bursts into tears. He is overwhelmed by the gift, thanking him numerous times. Then, as an added surprise, Leon tells him that he is also putting the two up in a hotel for a week. James hugs him once again for his beautiful act of kindness…

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