Hero Fireman Help Pregnant Woman to Deliver a Baby. Then he Adopts the Newborn

It takes a certain kind of bravery to be a firefighter. Though a job like that can lead to any number of unpredictable situations, the one Marc Hadden found himself in on a normal November night was one to remember. He and his crew had just gotten what they thought was a normal emergency call, but what they found there was anything but normal.
What they thought to be a normal emergency call turned out to be an unusual one—it was a pregnant woman who had gone into labor without enough time to make it to the hospital. As a result, Hadden had to step in and help the woman deliver the baby himself. Fortunately, the baby was born safe and sound and was named Grace.
As it turns out, the story goes even deeper. Marc learned that the baby girl, had immediately been put up for adoption. He and his wife Beth realized this was the strangest and most touching twist of fate imaginable.
We don’t want to ruin the surprise in this story because it’s a good one. Instead, we’ll just direct you to the video below.

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