Little Cutie Adorably Fails at Explaining to Mom why There is a Cow in The House

When Billie Jo was in the other room, her five-year-old daughter, Breanna, snuck their giant pet cow Izzy into their Pennsylvania home. With Izzy plopped on the kitchen floor next to the family dog, Billie Jo walks in and gives Breanna a chance to explain how on earth this happened.
Breanna, being the creative little girl she is, stretches the truth just a bit. She says that Izzy simply walked in when the door was open while she was looking the other way.
But while Breanna is trying to offer up another explanation, she’s already cuddling up next to Izzy and falling asleep right there on the floor. Guess this is one mystery that’ll have to wait.
Billie Jo and her family rescued Izzy when he was a calf. When they found him, he was on the brink of freezing and drowning in a swamp.
You have to smile at Breanna and Izzy’s sweet bond, but her excuses are just plain hilarious.

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