Adorable Little Girl tells Cop to Mind his Own Business, then She and Her Brother Take Off in Toy Car

As a kid, it’s probably really fun to know that your dad is a cop, though as you get older, you might worry about him busting you for breaking any rules.
These kids definitely know how to have a good time with their dad, as evidenced by the video below.
Most grownups know that when you get pulled over by a cop, you should be polite and non-confrontational. It’s never helpful to get defensive with a police officer — instead, it’s better to listen to what they say and follow instructions.
These little munchkins clearly haven’t had any real-life experience with cops, because when they get “pulled over” by their dad, they give him all sorts of sass.
When he comes over to the car in uniform, he asks, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” His daughter responds, “Because we’re too cute.”
Then dad says, “What, are you a bunch of wise guys? Why aren’t y’all buckled up?” And then his daughter’s full sassiness comes out: “Mind your business,” she tells dad.
Resisting arrest, disrespecting a cop, no seat belts, and no license = 1 hour in their rooms.

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