Mom Refuses to Abort her Baby Girl Born with No Nose. Today she is her Pride and Joy

When Tessa Evans was born, her mother and the doctors didn’t know what to do. There are fewer than 50 cases of complete congenital arhinia, a condition that causes an individual to be born without a nose.
When abnormalities appeared during scans, Tessa was told to have an abortion.
“Initial research advised to terminate my pregnancy, but I’ve been campaigning since she was born to raise awareness about the condition and how wonderful arhinia children are,” she said.
Grainne wants everyone to know that despite a few obstacles (and what family doesn’t have those?), Tessa is your typical 2-year-old girl.
“Tessa is like any other little girl. She loves playing with her brother and sister, she’s always smiling, and has never let her condition stop her from doing anything,” she said.
Fortunately, thanks to 3D-printing techniques, doctors have come up with a unique way insert a mold of a faux nose onto Tessa’s face. The nose will be refitted every few years to make sure it “grows with her body.”

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