Strangers Kept Stealing his Packages, so He made a Suprise for them. Dog Poop in a Box!

Even though it’s a federal offense to steal or tamper with someone else’s mail, Victor has already had to deal with this annoyance four times this year alone. The problem has gotten so bad that he’s even set up a sign begging the mailman or any other delivery company not to leave packages on his porch due to the constant thieves.
Victor “The Snakemann” is frankly sick and tired of people stealing his stuff.
In fact, the problem got to be so bad that Victor decided he was going to set up a hidden camera, just so he could, at least, see the faces of the people stealing his stuff and, of course, send their photos over to the police!
But one day, Victor got to be so annoyed with these thieves that he decided to set up a little prank. He was in his backyard one day when he noticed that his pet dog had left a piece of poop behind. And that’s when Victor was struck with a brilliant idea. He was going to put the dog poop in a box and leave it on his porch just to see if a thief would take it.
Unbelievably, that same day, sure enough a thief spotted the stinky package and walked right up to Victor’s porch to steal his package. Victor could, of course, go out and yell at the woman, but there’s something so much satisfying knowing that soon enough she would open the box in her car or home, and realize that the jig was up!

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