When Mom discovers how Day Care Worker treats her Daughter, she Decided to make a Surprise

Brittney Nichols leaves her 2-year-old daughter who needs some special care since she has a few health issues from being born premature. One day, Nichols was driving in her car and she saw her daughter’s day care worker, Christy Owens, walking alongside the road to church. The area is just one of those places where everyone must have a car to get around, so seeing her walking was a read flag for Nichols. The mother also noticed something else about Owens — no one had a way with her daughter quite the way she did.
The mother called up the day care center and asked about Owen’s transportation situation. She did not have a car. Nichols wanted to help, but she didn’t exactly had the means; all she had was faith that it would work out. The mother collected donations from the community and within a few weeks, she got Owens a pre-owned Chevy Cavalier, along with prepaid driving lessons and insurance. In the video below, you’ll watch Nichols surprise her.
This is seriously a tearjerker. Owens has the biggest, most grateful reaction you can imagine. She had no idea anyone was doing this for her, or that anyone noticed how much she loved the kids she cared for.

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