Mom Gave up her Oldest Son for Adoption. Watch When He Meets his Brothers!

Crystie Simpson was just 15 years old and she had to make the hardest decision of her whole life. She had to choose between keeping her baby and raising him all alone, even though she wasn’t sure she’d be able to provide for him… or giving him up to be adopted by a loving family.
While she knew that it was the right choice to make for her son, the weight hung heavy on her heart for 21 long years. She prayed for his well-being every single day, and there wasn’t a day gone by when she didn’t miss him dearly.
As it turns out, her son had been missing her for all those years, too. In May of 2013, he found her on Facebook, letting her know that he never forgot about his birth mother. They made plans to reunite at last.

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