When Mom Sees Newborns Face she Refuses to Keep Him. Then The Nurse Does The Unthinkable..

Adam’s birth parents refused to take him home after he was born. They said that if doctors forced them to take him, they would poison their own newborn baby boy in fear of being shamed. Adam was born with a healthy brain, lungs, and heart. However, he entered the world with no eyelids, no nose, no hands, and his legs fused together.
Raja and Jessica Paulraj, a married couple who were also the doctor and nurse who treated Adam, could not stand for this. Jessica held the baby boy in her arms. She and Raja knew they had to adopt him.
The couple took their new son to a specialist, where he had several surgeries. But the bills would be high. Then, something amazing happened. The community came together and raised $100,000 for the baby “nobody wanted,” in just a week. Now, Adam is able to close his eyes and mouth for the first time.

“Is he going to be perfect? Yes, he’s already perfect. Is he going to be normal by the world’s standards? Never,” said Adam’s doctor, John van Aalst.

Through the love and care of Raja and Jessica, and with the help of their community, Adam is a happy, healthy baby boy.

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