Young Girl Sits Down at a Public Piano. When She Starts Playing, Eveyone is BLOWN AWAY

Ásta Dóra Finnsdóttir, on vacation with her family, decided to stop and play the piano in London’s Canary Wharf metro station. The talented girl from Finland is only 9 years old, yet she doesn’t play a nice simple tune like one might expect from a child. She is soon surrounded by admirers enjoying her lovely music.
Though her feet barely reach the pedals, she plays with confident precision. Even those who cannot stay long to listen are clearly interested as they pass by.
Her growing audience is delighted by her performance. Throughout it all, Ásta is completely focused on her music, up until the very end. Once finished, the humble musician just smiles at whoever is recording her, perhaps one of her parents. Her audience’s reactions is certainly deserved, how great for everyone who gets to enjoy this that she was brave enough to play at a public piano.

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