Stranger Hacks Family’s Baby Monitor and Talks to Child at Night

A family living in Washington is speaking out about the horrors they experienced while operating a baby monitor inside their 3-year-old son’s bedroom. The couple Jay and Sarah were alarmed to discover that a stranger had hacked into their baby monitor and was spying on their toddler, sometimes speaking disturbing messages into the device.
The boy had previously told his parents that he was scared at night because he could hear someone talking to him over the phone. Jay and Sarah were confused as to what he meant until the hair-raising moment Sarah walked into her son’s room to hear a voice say, “wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”
The couple also noted that the night-vision lens was being controlled to follow their movements.
Horrified, the couple took immediate action and phoned Foscam, the manufacturer of the monitor, who explained it was possible their device was hacked and being controlled by someone using a smartphone app or laptop.
Concerned that the hacker may have further intentions, the family has made safety a top priority in their home and is using their harrowing experience to inform others of the potential dangers of baby monitors.

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