‘Rings’ Movie Prank Scares The Hell out of Customers at a TV Store

There are horror movies that are sure to remain favorites of fans around the world. One of these iconic scary flicks is the Ring franchise.
The first Ring movie was released in Japan on January 31, 1998. It`s based on the mystery horror novel written by Koji Suzuki which was first published in 1991. The tale features an urban legend involving a videotape, which is believed to be cursed. People die after watching it.
This has become an iconic horror film scene.
In a new prank video for “Rings,” the sequel to “The Ring,” unsuspecting high-def TV shoppers get the scare of a lifetime when the franchise’s spooky Samara crawls out of one of the store’s screens in real life.
The customers react exactly how you’d expect them to, as they’re seen screaming and running out the door to get away from the pint-sized terror.
I’ll stick with my crappy TV, thank you very much.
“Rings” hits theaters Feb. 3.

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