Singer Accused of Lip Syncing gets Cut Off. Angry Judge Demands to Sing a Capella.

Writers, painters, singers and more are sometimes so inconceivably good they’re accused of being hacks. And while those accusations may prove true some of the time, every once in a while someone comes along whose natural talent leaves everyone reeling.
That’s exactly what happened during the second season of Ukraine’s X Factor.
Aida Nikolaychuk, a then-29-year-old cashier, chose Russian crooner Polina Gagarina’s “Lullaby” as her audition piece.
She didn’t let on – and maybe she didn’t even see it – but about two minutes into the song, judges huddled together and started whispering:
“Are you kidding me? Is this some joke?”
Dumbfounded at her audacity, judge motioned for the contestant to stop. “Could you sing any song a cappella?” he asked.
Well, Aida certainly rose to the challenge and left the judges completely stunned.

…Incredible, right? Aida won the following season of X Factor, and the model and pop singer now has a lucrative career performing in concerts and making other public appearances.

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