Total Stranger Approaches Driver and Grabs him from Behind, when Realizes He is Choking

When William Harris pulled his car over and got out in the middle of the street, it seemed like no one bothered to wonder why. Other drivers drove past him, and pedestrians didn’t stop.
They didn’t realize that William was choking and needed help.
But Pavel Fesyuk pulled up behind him and realized that this man was doubled over for a reason, and that he at least needed to check on him. There was no one in the car in front of him, so he must have been the one driving.
Pavel got out of his car and approached William, who signaled what was wrong. His dash cam caught everything that happened in the next minute or so: he starts patting him on the back, but quickly understands that this wasn’t going to be enough.
In the footage, Pavel positions himself squarely behind William and wraps his arms around his chest. He manages to hoist him in the air twice, performing the Heimlich maneuver to save this stranger’s life.
Thankfully, William was able to tell the young man that he had swallowed what was blocking his air passages. That was one close call!

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