Then The Horse Approaches The Veteran and Does THIS. Im in Tears!

Let’s face it, communication is difficult for people even in the best of circumstances. It’s astonishing that we have so many languages filled with so many millions of words, and yet we still have so much trouble understanding each other. But wait until you see the way these former race horses communicate with soldiers suffering from PTSD in this heartwarming clip. It might just touch your heart.
The program called Saratoga War Horse, teaches veterans how to communicate with horses and the results are amazing.
What is especially wonderful to see is the way the horses, at first shy and nervous at having a stranger in the ring with them, eventually seem to recognize in these suffering soldiers a kindred spirit. And when horse and human finally come together–even for a quick nuzzle or a pat on the head–the relief and love you see will bring you to tears.
And all this loving communication takes place without words. So, as difficult as communication may be, where there is a will there is a way. Maybe we could all take a lesson from the amazing animals in this lovely video, and communicate more with our hearts, and less with our heads.

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