These Wild Elephants take this Walk Once a Year. Watch What They Caught on Video!

They are on their way to get some mangos at a hotel in Zambia! The leader, Wonky Tusk, takes the group through the interior of the lodge and straight to the mangos. When the mangos are ripe, Wonky’s intuition kicks in and it is time to do venture out and do some mango picking. Somewhere along the way a mutual respect has taken place between the elephants and the humans. The humans don’t bother the elephants and the elephants trust that they are safe to indulge in these delicious fruits.
After the mango feast, it’s nap time! They just lie right down and relax. Then it’s time to split and they leave the same way they came. If you are a visitor during this time, it must be a real treat to witness this spectacular mango expedition take place.

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