Woman Comes Home after a Long Holiday. Watch Her Horses Reaction When He Realizes It…

Here, we meet a horse owner who just got back into town after a three-week-long vacation abroad. Upon her return home, there’s only one thing she wants to do — and that’s reunite with her beautiful, beloved horse.
The horse is out grazing in the pasture on a gloomy day, clad in his amazing purple coat. At first, he doesn’t realize who is calling for him by the gate from afar. The horse stands there at alert, but doesn’t move a muscle… that is, until he realizes it’s his best friend, and she’s finally home! That’s when things take an adorable turn, and the way he comes galloping over to her in excitement is simply incredible! Clearly, these two share a very special bond.
Note: The camera shake gets better after about 30 seconds!

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