Just wait Until you haer Who This 2 yo Says is His Best Friend! Awesome!

This story was a perfect example of the unique code in each one of our friendships, and it reminded us of another incredible team.
For 2-year-old Deacon Ross, his first friendship was made with an unlikely but familiar face at his home: his garbage man. When asked who his best friend is, Deacon replies, “O.D.” without much hesitation. In the video below, we catch a glimpse at their special bond on O.D.’s last ride by the Ross household. Deacon’s family is adding another little one to the bunch and they’ll be relocating to a larger home. If Deacon has his way, baby brother will have the name O.D. too. And as a parting gift, the family put together a basket of treats and memories of him to remember them.
After Erling Kindem moved from his house into a group home, regular visits between Kindem and his 4-year-old pal Emmett continued.

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