Grandpa Challenges 2 Young Men to Dance Off. Crowd Explodes in Laughter How He “Wins”

While most people attribute breakdancing to strictly hip-hop culture, there is a heavy influence from two unsuspected sources. Breakdancers back in the 1970s were inspired by kung fu movies shown on the big screen and skillful gymnastic routines.
The way the athletes moved their bodies and contorted their limbs gave them the idea to do the same thing, but along to their favorite music.
Seeing street performers in action while walking around a busy metropolitan area is nothing out of the norm. But what happens when a bystander gets involved in the act?
That’s exactly what happened when this fun grandpa decided to challenge two talented breakdancers to a full-blown dance-off! Within seconds, a crowd formed and the trio got down to it!
They knew that it would attract people’s attention, but they had no idea that it would lead to the dance-off of a lifetime. After warming up for a few seconds, the trio began a dance-off that drew an impressive crowd. While it’s hard to say who won for sure, it’s clear the grandpa gets a prize for participation!
The audience was laughing, smiling and cheering on the stranger. He definitely has some slick moves.

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