Four Boys in Talent Show Appear in Baby Onesies. Crowd goes Wild when They Start Their Act!

I remember when I was in school being seen with a pacifier in my mouth and a bib around my neck would be equal to saying goodbye to my social life. These five-graders not only turned embarrassing yourself into an art form, they even got millions of views and fans all around the world.
They act was announced as a part of the school’s talent show, but when they removed that black curtain this was the last thing I expected.
Together, the boys created elaborate puppet-like costumes that made them look like babies wearing bibs and onesies. As soon as Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” begins to play over the loudspeakers, the boys jump right into their routine!
They dance in a perfectly choreographed routine that makes their classmates and teachers giggle. As if the silly moves weren’t enough, the fifth graders use sunglasses and baseball caps to make their routine unforgettable.
Nothing beats the classic comedy acts and these boys are not only hilarious, they’re so adorable as well.

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