After a 13 Hour Shift, Hospice Nurse Pulls Car Over & Records Powerful Message

Rebecca Turley is a hospice nurse in northwest Ohio and she was just doing her job, assisting a patient in his final moments of life, when– for some reason– she had a revelation: life is short.
She admits that seeing death so often makes you immune to it. But she said some patients get to you more than others. As this man was nearing the end of his life surrounded by loved ones, nurse Turley shares that his last breaths were really “a magical moment.” Yet there are some patients who enter into hospice with the heavy news that they only have a week left to live. Whether a person has lived their whole life and expect these moments, or get unexpected news that the end has come, when they take their last breaths, like this man, she still has to wonder if there is something in his life he would have wished he would have done differently. This got her thinking deeply about the precious gift of life, and with those thoughts, she just shared a few things that every person needs to hear.
You get a sense of how fleeting life is and how we need not to stress about the little things. She shares, “Life is short,” and with that she speaks briefly about relationships, jobs, not stressing the little things, and living life to the fullest.
Watch her incredible clip in the video below and see why so many people are encouraged by her.

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