Deputy Collapses while Guarding Prisoners, Putting his Life in their Hands

A group of Georgia inmates are being praised for their heroic actions after they helped save an officer who had suddenly collapsed on duty.

The six Polk County jail inmates were doing field work in a remote area outdoors on Monday when the deputy sheriff who was supervising them fell face-first on the ground. While it probably would have been tempting for the prisoners to escape and leave him there, these men did something else entirely, and it has thousands of people all over the world hailing them heroes.

As soon as the officer, who has asked to remain anonymous, collapsed, these six men jumped into action. They opened his shirt and removed his gun belt and bulletproof vest so they could perform CPR. One of the men used the officer’s phone to call 911 while another ran for help.

Emergency teams quickly arrived at the scene and provided assistance for the officer, but the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is lauding the six men in stripes as the true heroes.

The officer’s phone, gun, and the keys to the nearby van were all within reach and it would have been very easy for these men to take them and flee, but they all stepped up and did the right thing instead, proving that how a person appears on the outside is not always an accurate depiction of who they are at heart.
The officer has recovered and returned to duty. His relatives provided the inmates with lunch and desserts as a show of appreciation.

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