Reporter Walks up to a Stranger. When She Tells Him THIS, He Completely Breaks Down

“I joined the service when I was 17 years old and I couldn’t take care of him,” he told Fox5 Las Vegas. “But, then by the time I came home after my service time, I lost track.”
David Winkelspecht was getting ready to sell all of his belongings in order to get the money to travel from Las Vegas to San Diego to meet his son and grandchildren for the first time ever.
In a segment from its “Surprise Squad,” the news station offered Winkelspecht $1,000 to make the trip possible. Winkelspecht, who was instantly filled with emotions, called his son to tell him the news.
“This is something I’ve been looking forward to and I think it’s the piece of the puzzle that I need to fill,” said his son, also named David.
But, there was one more surprise planned for Winkelspecht: The news station brought his son and grandchildren to Las Vegas!
Just wait for the heartwarming moment the family reunites at the four-minute mark.

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