Leopard Charges at Caretakers Back, but a Tiger Leaps to his Defense!

Eduardo Serio is a caretaker at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. He must take great care of these animals because they protect him as if he is one of their kind… Well, the tigers do, at least.
When watching this video, all you might do at first is look in amazement at how beautiful it is that he can sit there and play with these big lions.
However, I guarantee you’ll be watching this a second time around after getting to the end result.
As he’s obliviously enjoying his animals, there is a big problem erupting behind him. A leopard, Dharma, suddenly starts darting toward him in what looks like an attack mode.
But a tiger, Aztlan, catches this sneaky movement right away. Thankfully for Serio, Aztlan leaps just as fast, to his defense.
Watching this video, you definitely need to pay attention to the left hand of the screen if you want to catch all the action.
This video is a great showcase of love with animals and humans of all kinds. There are no boundaries for the relationships you can form.

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