Little Boy Looking for his Mom in Heaven Desperately Dials 911

This story is a short film about love, loss and compassion too beautiful to not share with you today.
Losing a parent has to be the hardest and most confusing thing a child can ever go through. It can also be very had for the child to understand why. Why they don’t walk in the door anymore, why they don’t read them a bedtime story or why they don’t want to hug them anymore.
Mum who was always around is now nowhere to be found and they don’t know if is their fault.
In the video below, we meet Jerry who is 5 years old, his mother went to the hospital with his dad one day but she never came home. His Dad carefully explained to him that mum had gone to heaven but this leaves Jerry questioning why she can’t come back.

Out of desperation, Jerry calls 911.

Elderly officer suspects it’s just another prank call but only moments later he realizes that actually, this is a genuine call from a heartbroken little boy.
He lets little Jerry talk and he just listens realizing that although Jerry doesn’t know it his mother has likely recently passed. You can feel the sadness the officer must have felt hearing this.
The officer decides he’d like to help and offers some kind words and advice for the little boy. He even comes up with a brilliant idea that will connect their lives in a way neither could ever have imaged.

And it all starts with a red balloon…
Be sure to have the tissues ready before you watch the video below.

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