Loyal Pit Bull Sees a Maniac Attacking his Owner. His Reaction Has Everyone Cheering!

Man was with his mother and two dogs when he noticed another man, who he had never seen before, turn around and walk towards them. Suddenly, the stranger pulled out a screwdriver and started slashing away, causing puncture wounds on the man’s arms. It was clear the attacker intended to do even more harm.
Without hesitation, one of the victim’s dogs — a 50-pound red-nose pit bull named Droggie — sprang into action. Droggie was ready to do whatever it took to protect his beloved family, even if it meant going up against a frantic maniac with a sharp weapon. Droggie started biting the attacker on the legs and behind, bringing him to the ground. “And as I stood up my mom started screaming for me to run and that’s exactly what I did,”
This amazing, loyal and brave pit bull is now hailed a hero, further proving there are no bad breeds — only bad owners.

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