Marine waits for The Soldier Brother whose Life he Saved. Wait until You See who it is…

Sgt. Jacob is on active-duty, a hero who continues to protect our freedoms and our lives. While overseas, he found a tiny, rambunctious puppy inside a wild animal trap on the army base. He knew he couldn’t leave him to fend for himself in the harsh and potentially dangerous streets of Bagram, Afghanistan. He had to save one more life before going home — and he did.
The puppy, who the soldiers named Jax, was cold and shaking — but Sgt. Jacob felt an immediate bond. He decided then and there he’d take Jax home with him.
Sgt. Jacob Fisher recently arrived home from his seven-month deployment from Afghanistan, his 3rd tour to the Middle East. He waited nearly three months for the moment he would see Jax again.

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