Teen Girl Shakes in Office as Principal Hands Cop her Phone. Then He Finds Out What’s Going On…

It is safe to say that in almost every instance, lying to a police officer in an attempt to trick him is a very bad idea. Normally, the outcome is much more serious than it was for one high school staff member and student who teamed up to trick the school’s police officer, but for the best reason possible!
Police officers often deal with situations serious in nature, but this trick was set up to show just how serious Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA is about their love and gratitude for Officer Mitch Brouillette.
They teamed up with clothing company DUDE. be nice to put together a flash mob set to one of Officer Mitch’s favorite songs, “Downtown” by Macklemore, but that’s not all.
In order to get Officer Mitch prepared for the flash mob — if there is such a thing as being ready for any type of mob — they go the resource center involved. Officer Mitch was told that one of the students was in trouble for a video that featured her acting inappropriately, and that he needed to come assess the situation.
Officer Mitch immediately comforted the student before sitting down to watch the video. As soon as it starts playing, he knows he’s been tricked. On the screen in front of him are a group of thankful students.
Their messages to the officer are so kind that the officer tears up. Then it’s out to the flash mob for some fun and gifts.

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