Heartbroken Boy Visits Twins Grave to Share every Interesting Moment from his Life

Walker and Willis were identical twins with a rare condition, and an extremely special bond. Walker, now nine-years-old, survived the dangerous condition, but Willis’ life was taken by what’s called twin transfusion syndrome (TSS). Twins with this condition share the same placenta and go through many health complications during birth and early life. Walker has never known his twin, Willis. But on every birthday that they share, and on every holiday, a trip to the gravesite becomes a special commemoration. Now, it has become a tradition.
With sadness that he never shared these moments with his brother present, Walker still looks forward to sharing the moments nonetheless. At only nine-years-old, he seems to understand that the most meaningful things aren’t always what can be seen. He knows he’ll never see Willis, but that doesn’t stop him from celebrating Willis’ life with the rest of his family.
Brook Myrick, along with her husband and three other children, began an annual walk to raise Twin Transfusion Syndrome awareness. Now the whole family celebrates Willis’ life, and supports other families who are going through the devastating effects of TTS. But as mom Brooke explains in the video below, it is possible to find peace and happiness. The love and support coming from Walker Myrick and his family will warm your heart completely!

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