This Dance Couple Tells a Breakup Story and their Moves Speak Louder than Words

There are many things in life that can leave us speechless. A spectacular landscape, a hilarious joke, an unexpected act of kindness … but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Most often, it’s sad and tragic events that leave us short of words.
And anyone who’s ever loved deeply enough will admit that breakups are at the very top of this list. So, what do you do when there’s nothing left to say? These people suggest you … dance.
Choreographer Talia Favia in collaboration with Madonna’s principal lead dancer, Chaz Buzan, and Courtney Schwartz produced a gripping dance routine called “A Breakup Story” that perfectly captures all the ups and downs couples go through when parting ways.
Set to James Bay’s hit ‘Let It Go,’ the dance is a powerful representation of what fading love between two people looks like.
Check out their emotionally charged video below!

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